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          Current location:About Us
          Pesticide TC productsIntermediate products

          About Us

          Hunan Spark Science Co., Ltd. It manufactures and markets of fine chemical such as: catalyst;agrochemical intermediate; Pharmaceutical intermediate. Been honored with Hunan high-tech enterprise. Invested by technicians in Hunan chemical research institute, Hunan Haili Group and China pesticide innovation-production engineering technology research center (technology appraised as capital stock).Hunan Spark Science Co., Ltd. Now specializes in the research; production; development and trade of fine chemicals.

          The head office is located in Changsha Hunan province. And one factory located in the Industrial park, Xiangyin County where have efficient transport.

          At present, we are mainly engaged in researching and developing pharmaceutical & pesticide intermediates; the main products are 4-Dimethylaminopyridine, Benzyl Carbazate, Methyl Carbazate , 2,6-dichlorobenzoxazole ,5-Chloroindanone, 4-Phenoxyphenol, Isonicotinamide and so on. They are well sold in Japan and India, etc.

          With the powerful supports from research team of Hunan chemical research institute, and depending on experienced technicians, leading equipment and complete analysis instrument, we now have the good ability to research, develop and produce new products; we can research, develop and produce new chemicals according to clients’ requirements.

          Under the leadship of  board of directors, we fully take the advantages on technology and stress on the improvement of management system; through providing quality products and excellent service, we have expanded market share in China and international market successfully. Relying on excellent ability at reforming & innovating technology and expanding market, we are experiencing steady development.

          Taking "be honest and credible, mutual benefits, friendly cooperation", Spark look forward to cooperating with friends all over the world. Let' s work together for a bright future!

          Copyright (C) 2021,Hunan Spark Science Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.Supported by ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle 31fabu Copyright Notice
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